Interactive Online Tests for Companies

Interactive Online Testing Service to test the skills of Applicants, Staff or Students. Well recommended by Recruiters, Trainers and Teachers.

Tests4business enables you to launch tests for any kind of attendees, be it applicants or members of classes.

Tests4business allows you to purchase testing packages to invite people for tests.

The professionally elaborated tests executed by the invited persons can be reviewed online in the system or in a report.

Three Steps to Success

Pick from a comprehensive set of available tests

Send the test to your intended attendees

Review and compare the results

Features at a glance

Tests4business is a fully managed service on the web.

Just use it, we take care of the rest.

Persons to test do not need any log in, they only click a link in an email.

Test results are automatically forwarded to you to review the results seamlessly.

We prepare the content on your behalf.

Just select the highly professional tests.