Founded 2003 in Germany

Arlanto, formerly RimaOne, is a German software editor created 2003 in Germany.

Our target is to develop software solutions for the financial sector, the industry and institutions in the higher education.

Finance, Industry & Education

30 years of success in the financial industry

Since 2008 our Solution is used in the industrial and retail sector, too.

100% Private

Arlanto GmbH is 100% privatly-owned.

Our software solutions are based on our collaboration platform, CollabOne, a state-of-the-art modular system.

Our goal is …Building quality solutions to answer the specific needs of our clients to improve their business. At each step of the conception of your system, our goal remains the same: your satisfaction.

We reach this objective thanks to common values such as:

Proximity to our clients

Simplicity of communication through a direct link to our teams

Innovation, because our mission is to create the smartest solutions possible

Professional and trade information combining experts from different sectors in order to better answer your requirements