Arlanto is currently working on several strategic initiatives targeting universities and business schools as clients with state-of-the-art software offerings. They will complement existing solutions in the following areas:

Higher Education Impact Solutions

Universities and their constituent parts (faculties and schools) face rising pressures to document their impact on the environment. They need to demonstrate how they help to develop the business ecosystem around them, how they enhance employment and company formation, as well as how they support social development objectives more generally. Our services support this need for greater accountability to stakeholders. We help to make “impact” of higher education institutions measurable and trackable.

Arlanto is currently a software partner of EFMD Global and, in this role, is facilitating information and data handling of its Business School Impact System (BSIS) with the provision of a dedicated software solution.

Risk Management Solutions

Higher education institutions nowadays depend on volatile net revenues that are influenced by a wide range of risk factors including currency and interest rate fluctuations, cyber security concerns, reputation-related risks, natural disaster threats, etc. In response, they need to formalize their institutional risk management to measure, track and mitigate their exposures to these risks.

Arlanto provides a comprehensive software solution to support risk management in higher education: EDURISK. It is a proven tool that has been derived from our operational risk package currently deployed in one of the world’s leading financial service providers as well as other financial institutions.

We offer EDURISK to higher education sector together with our strategic partner XOLAS, a Berlin-based advisory firm with an established risk management practice.