Risk management is an essential part of ensuring the future of your business. With our custom-configured, cutting-edge solutions, you can make sure that you are positioned to manage risk events across your organization and minimize the impact on your operations, investments, and growth strategies.

Customized Risk Management Software Solutions

Arlanto, formerly known as RimaOne, has been operating in the risk management arena for almost twenty years. During that time, we have created solutions for internationally known banking businesses like Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, and the European Development Bank, and we are now bringing our services to the world of academia.

Our mission is to develop software solutions for finance, industry, and higher education organizations, that allow for effective risk management across operations. To achieve this, we adopt a client-centric approach to all of our work – we take the time to understand your organization and your specific requirements, before customizing software solutions that are configured to meet your precise needs.

What sets us apart

Our client needs always come first

The solutions we design help our clients to achieve their goals

We engage with our clients as long term partners.

Incorporating Arlanto risk software into your organization means that you will always be able to make data-driven, information-based decisions that account for the relevant risk factors. Mitigating those risks allows your company to not only avoid or prepare for the larger impacts but also gives you the opportunity to take competitive advantage and seize the opportunity for growth.

Our Technology

Our risk analysis solutions are built using a powerful workflow engine that allows each of our clients to incorporate every single operational and business process. When combined with our industry-leading artificial intelligence, this gives you the absolute highest quality risk assessment and management environment available.

Arlanto solutions are available both as self-contained on-premises technology or as a cloud-based offering. Either way, you will benefit from endless scalability and flexibility: as your organization evolves, so too can our software.

Arlanto risk management software is designed to be:

● Flexible and scalable

● Customized and enhanced to meet client needs

● Implemented rapidly

● On-premise or cloud-based

Arlanto For Finance AND Banking

Since 2003, we have implemented solutions for financial and banking institutions to detect, evaluate, and map risks at the earliest stages. These solutions help decision-makers to mitigate the risks to investments and operations by allowing the maximum amount of time to prepare, assess, and implement effective countermeasures.


In recent years, we have begun to work on a number of strategic initiatives that target university and business school institutions to provide state-of-the-art risk management software. In addition to working with these organizations to enhance internal risk awareness, we also provide easy-to-implement solutions that can be used as part of accreditation for students.

Our shareholder, Prof. Ulrich Hommel, EBS Wiesbaden and Partner in XOLAS, is leading our migration into the academic sector.

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